The Chicago divorce lawyer is also called a matrimonial lawyer or a family lawyer. But is there a difference between the three professional figures? And specifically what does the divorce lawyer do? The divorce lawyer is a professional specializing in family rights, personal rights, inheritance and children's rights . Family rights, however, is a very general term that contains within it a series of case studies and very different and particular themes. To better understand, therefore, the function of a divorce lawyer, it is better to understand better what is meant by family rights. Here, therefore, a brief list of the subjects contained within the family rights : marriage; separation; divorce; LGBT unions ; unions or unmarried couples; civil unions; cohabitation more uxorio ; registered partnerships.


That said let's go into the specific. As mentioned, there is no difference between Chicago divorce lawyer or matrimonial lawyer or even lawyer familiar, even if, due to a bad interpretation dictated by the common use of language, the familiar can be confused with those who specifically deal with family issues , the protection of the rights of the person , of minors, of adoptions and everything that mainly concerns the family as still successions , mediation, donations, assisted negotiation and collaborative right to settle the conflicts of the couple ; recognition and disowning of paternity and suspension or forfeiture of parental responsibility. Katz & Stefani, LLC are a family law firm located in Chicago

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