Legal assistance of a lawyer for a truck accident in court from Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith personal injury law firm in Las Vegas.
includes: the defense of the accused; representation of the interests of the victim; drafting of statements on initiation of criminal cases of a private prosecution; drafting claims for the compensation of material and moral damage; appeal of court sentences; settlement of issues of compensation for material and moral harm; rendering assistance in reconciliation of the parties and termination of the proceedings, as well as rendering other legal assistance.


Legal assistance of a Las Vegas truck accident lawyer in civil matters arising from an accident includes: advice on the compensation of property damage, damage to life and health; insurance advice; assistance in assessing property damage; determination of the amount of harm caused to health; preparation of necessary documents for filing a claim in court; representation of interests in civil proceedings; drawing up complaints against the court decision; representation of interests in the Las Vegas court of cassation and supervisory instance

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