What kind of medical errors is the most common subject of lawsuits and what is the result? What factors, in your opinion, affect the formation of medical malpractice law firm in Philadelphia.? The largest number of cases in our office is currently related to perinatal errors. The result of careful care during childbirth is usually the deep hypoxia or death of the child, often including complications in the mother, with the need to remove the uterus, inclusive.


These are probably the most tragic cases, with the most serious consequences. Reasons? The most prosaic: the single-mindedness of the head, who does not allow obstetricians to decide on a Caesarean section in their ward, no decision in the delivery physician, wrong assessment of the risk of hypoxia, including lack of ability to properly assess the outcome of CTG in the context of clinical situation, insufficient midwife standby duty, faulty organization of work in the ward – eg lack of a diagnostician, who would be able to perform and interpret an ultrasound examination with Doppler – the reasons I could mention for a long time. Hire a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer.


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