The struggle for single parents to collect child support can be expensive, frustrating and not provide the desired results. It is important for the custodial parent to know all of their options, and not be afraid to use any of them. They must realize there is child support help available from The Law Firm for Family Law in Indian Rocks Beach. It is important to understand the liability for child support is an obligation placed on both parents. The amount of support is determined by a court. It will be an amount the court feels is both fair and reasonable. The amount of support may be based on the amount of money a parent earns or what they are capable of earning.

Unfortunately being awarded a child support order from a court may not mean the issue is resolved. It may be just the beginning of a long and involved process. Enforcing a child support award can take many forms including deducting money directly from the wages of a payor parent, giving a negative report about the payor parent to the credit bureau, obtaining money from any lottery prizes won, taking tax refunds, seizing property, etc.

When a custodial parent has a problem getting their court-ordered child support, they should apply for The Law Firm for Family Law in support enforcement services with the nearest child support enforcement agency. Unfortunately, there have been many times when government agencies have not been effective in collecting past due child support. A claim may take years to process, and receive little or no individual attention. When this happens the custodial parent is usually left struggling financially and frustrated. If this occurs the custodial parent might want to consider seeking the services of an independent agency that specializes in obtaining past due child support.

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