Grandparents play a huge roll in children’s lives. Children learn so much from their grandparents and they create a new social bond with them. If a child had a relationship with their grandparent and then it was taken away it can be harmful to the child. While in San Bernardino the parents get the most rights to the child, a grandparent also has rights to the child. A grandparent does tend to have more rights if they did have a previous relationship to the child, and then that relationship was taken away. If you are curious as to what you can do as a grandparent contact Law Office of Joyce Holcomb a San Bernardino family law firm to get more information. Family law is the only kind of law they practice, so they will have all the answers to your questions.


A San Bernardino grandparent’s rights attorney will help you understand what processes you need to be expecting and what the results you could be getting. There are two different reasons as to why you would be going to a grandparent’s rights lawyer. One of those reason is because your child has passed away, or is no longer in the picture for their child, and the other parent is preventing you from seeing your grandchild anymore. The you would be visiting a family lawyer to help you get that visitation right back. The second would be if the parents are unfit to raise the child, and you really believe that the child is in danger living with their parents and you are seeking custody.

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