Quality development is a crucial factor in any jurisdiction. It is a way of assessing an area’s social and economic growth and stability. However, it is challenging for any jurisdiction to experience developmental growth if legal and security structures are not well taken care of. Good security not only improves co-existence but also promotes national unity, thus creating an environment suitable for an ultimate improvement. Lotze Mosley LLP is based in Washington D.C. that focuses on criminal defense, fraud crimes, and other offenses.

Gun crime

A firearm offense is considered a number one priority in both federal prosecutors and state. Any gun crime charge has a jail term possibility depending on the magnitude of the case, and it is of equal importance to have qualified and committed lawyers to firmly defend your rights. After close examination, of the case, our Attorneys will subsequently discuss possible legal options with the client and you can be guaranteed that they will fight for you at every stage to ensure that your rights are accurately observed and justified.

White collar crimes

Since white collar crimes involve forms of fraud or deceit, their Washington D.C. criminal law firm represents any individual or organization to fight the charges by conducting internal investigations before and after law enforcement investigations. They handle other types of white-collar crimes like bribery, enterprise corruption, identity theft, embezzlement, insurance fraud among many others.

Fraud crimes

Fraud crimes involve any misconduct of deception regardless of whether it was intentional or not, and anyone who commits this crime can be charged in a court of law. Their lawyers have vast knowledge in criminal defense, fraud crimes, and offenses, and they will give you quality service by standing with you in any legal options proceeding.

Lotze Mosley LLPĀ is the ultimate legal firm to fight for your rights.

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