Any accusation made against you requires excellent representation by an attorney. In Washington D.C, getting yourself involved with gun crime is very easy. After all the D.C. firearms law is among the strictest. You are not allowed to carry guns in your car, in person, or possess one during particular activities.
A gun can elevate the penalties that are given in a number of offenses.
The moment you are charged with a gun crime, ensure you contact the right attorney. Lotze Mosley LLP has such a lawyer. You may be held for days after being arrested. During this time an attorney from Lotze Mosley LLP will petition for your release. Gun crime does not mean you will be jailed. A lawyer can negotiate a gun charge in a way to help you get a probationary sentence. A lawyer is also there to protect your rights as well as work for the best outcome of a situation.
Lotze Mosley LLP is a law firm that has handled hundreds of gun cases, In Washington D.C. with most cases ending at acquittals while others resulting to reduced sentences.

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