Character of a good lawyer According to the Federal Lawyers' Act, a lawyer is an appointed, independent representative and adviser in all legal matters. To fulfill this task, he should possess the following core qualities as defined by the Federal Bar Association: Independence: Independence here means primarily independence from the state. A Florida lawyer is no longer a public servant today and thus not subject to state instructions. He is solely committed to his clients


Competence: A Florida insruance lawyer acquires the skills and knowledge required for his / her profession after several years of university studies and subsequent practical training. In addition, every lawyer has the obligation to undergo regular training – this is even required by law. Confidentiality: A lawyer is required to maintain secrecy – in relation to everything he learns about his client in connection with an assignment. If the lawyer violates this obligation, it can have criminal consequences for him. Therefore, the law also guarantees the lawyer the right to rely on his duty of secrecy in court and with public authorities. Therefore, documents containing the right to silence may not be confiscated. The Morgan Law Group, P.A is an insurance law firm in Florida

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