Add personality to your ezine. You are not just another lawyer. You have your own life. You have a unique story. It may not be so interesting for you, but it will be interesting for other people to find out about you. Let them know what interests you besides jurisprudence. Show them what's going on in your family. Do you have any hobbies? Do you like running? Do you have any comments on a recent event? Let people know that you are a living person. This will help you rank in serach engine marketing.



If you are blogging (and this should be done), then it will be even easier for you to start your first newsletter. Articles from your blog can be the basis for newsletter articles. Attorney Marketing Network specializes in SEM for law firms.



If you are not generally impressed to disclose your life to other people, then find someone from your environment about whom you might be interested to write. Hire a person who writes articles. Now there are many good writers who will take great pleasure in finding ideas for your articles and writing them.


Do not forget to look at your personal pictures of children or family members. I repeat people love to deal with those they like. If customers who like you understand that you are the same person, they will love you even more. And if they love you, they will pay you money for services.

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