Looking for a family¬†law firm from Los Angeles in Land Legal Group, APC? If you are looking for a lawyer’s office in Los Angeles for a divorce, an alimony case or regarding an access arrangement, then you are a good lawyer at Groot & Riezebos Advocaten. We specialize in (complicated) family law matters. Are you in a divorce? Would you like to divorce?

Land Legal Group, APC lawyer helps you. As a Los Angeles family lawyer, if you agree with each other, we can act for both spouses, including in a procedure before the court. They help with drawing up a parental plan. They discuss matters concerning access regulation and maintenance. What is in the interests of the children? This plays a big role. They make well-founded alimony calculations. They record everything in a parenting plan and a covenant.

Their office is also specialized in Mediation. Their mediator is affiliated with Mediation, discussions take place in joint consultation to ensure that the divorce proceeds as smoothly as possible. These agreements are recorded in a divorce agreement. They also deal with matters concerning the distribution of the community of goods or the settlement of the marital conditions in a divorce. They are specialized not only in dealing with divorces but also in all other family law matters, including alimony, association, authority. Call their lawyers from Land Legal Group in Los Aneles.

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